First Toot to James Lumsden

James Lumsden is a colour magician.  His paintings are painstakingly built up, layer by layer, to create rich, deep and luminescent tones that instantly capture your attention and draw your eye into the canvas.  As you contemplate the first intense wave of colour you begin to realise that there are other, often unexpected shades lurking beneath, drawing your eye even further into the work.  The illusion that James so cleverly creates is that a decidedly 2 dimensional surface can have a transfixing 3 dimensional pull.

Contrapuntal (3.14)

Contrapuntal (3.14), acrylic on canvas

Contrapuntal (4.14)

Reflex (1), acrylic on canvas

I can personally testify to the transfixing qualities of James paintings because I finally invested last year, after many years of admiring them and trying to decide on my favourite colour combination.  In the end I couldn’t actually make my mind up, so finally bought two paintings!  And I am very happy with them, and they truly add light and vibrancy to the room.  And just when you think you have remembered all the shades and shapes, the light changes and you see another layer and another colour.


Contrapuntal (8.16), acrylic on canvas

So, apart from he fact that I am a great admirer, and modest collector of James work, the other reason I wanted to give him my first Toot is that he very kindly agreed to let me use images of his paintings for my first blog.  Thank you James!

Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London, 2015

Reflex, recent exhibition at Sarah Myerscough Gallery

So where can you find this amazing work? James Lumsden’s work is available through the Sarah Myerscough Gallery in London and the Paul Kuhn Gallery in Calgary, Canada. For further information you can contact James directly at or his own blog

Invest now, you know you want to.


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