Making Space

Making Space is an exhibiton of my new work alongside new work by my studio and ceramic mate Lorna Fraser.  We are both using the exhibition as an opportunity to develop new installations that are designed to provoke thought and conversation about subjects very dear to our hearts.  For me its all about connection and memory, and for Lorna its conservation in the botanical world.

Making Space is on at Patriothall Gallery, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 5AY .  The show runs from Saturday 1st October to Tuesday 11th October 2016 and the gallery is open 12noon to 6pm everyday and closed on Wednesdays.


Deficits detail by Carol Sinclair

My work explores the role of memory, the complexity of the personal connections that define us and the confusion caused when those associations are lost. I use gently shifting and changing light between paper thin layers of translucent porcelain to echo the way memories build through layers of experience.  Coloured and textured ceramic pieces simultaneously connect and obscure, seeking to balance what is present with the random absences that are created through time.  For this exhibition my installation creates a physical space that offers the visitor a place to consider their own personal connections.


Scaphium detail by Lorna Fraser

Lorna Fraser is inspired by the infinite array of forms in the botanical world, and takes the intricate fruit of the large tropical tree Kembang Semankuk as her starting point for this exhibition. This tree grows in the rain forests of Malaysia and her installation captures the moment when it releases its fruits allowing them to flutter to the forest floor covering it in a thick carpet.  As though frozen in time, this installation aims to capture the fragility and beauty of this event in the life-cycle of the tree – the completion of another season.  Lorna uses her creative process as a means of engagement and discussion about the natural environment and our duty to protect it.

Making Space  is part of
Luminate: Scotland’s creative ageing festival @luminateScot


The title of the exhibition relates to both the location and the concept behind the work.  The venue is Patriothall Gallery in Edinburgh, where we both have our studios and making spaces – which will be open to the public during both weekends of the exhibition.  More significantly the Making Space title refers to the process of making as a means of creating space for thought, reflection and the development of new ideas.  It also refers to the act of making space in our lives to consider the things that are most important to us, something that has become increasing important to us both as our creative practices mature.

c-sinclair-06Deficits detail by Carol Sinclair

There will be a programme of activities to accompany the exhibition


Sundays 2nd and 9th Oct, 2-3pm – Artists Talk

We will offer a tour of the exhibition and talk about the concept behind our work and the process of creating our installations.

Connecting Art and Science – Sat 8th Oct, 2-3pm

Lorna & Dr Pete Wilkie, Tropical Botanist at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, will talk about the fascinating tree that inspired Lorna’s exhibition and the important work being done to conserve the Malesian rainforests.  Places are free but need to be booked by emailing


The Joy of Clay – 3rd & 10th, 4th & 11th Oct, 10.30am -12noon

Carol will be running a series of workshops for carers, especially for those caring for someone with Dementia.  Places are free and can be booked through Vocal email  or tel 0131 622 6666

Open Studio 

Our studio will be open on Sun 2nd, Sat 8th and Sun 9th Oct, 12-6pm

Making Space will be travelling  to The Meffan Gallery, Arbroath 6th March to 8th April 2017.



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